Bed of Roses

 Who said life isn’t a bed of roses…? Of course, life is sweet….sweet when you’re wealthy. I am not only rich, I am famous as well….Rich, Famous and…hehehe….very handsome!

The Limousine was very close to the Staples Center, Los Angeles; venue for the 56th GRAMMY Awards. I had been nominated in seven different categories including the Honorium Glorium- Album of the Year. My very own  album…whoa!!!

I liked the sound of it. It’s not everyday that a young man from Nigeria gets a nod from the GRAMMYrians. Now it was not just a nod but 7 nods. Oh boy…

Outside was Chaos. The guards were having a very difficult time controlling the Mammoth crowd that had come to witness history in the making. They wanted to see this young Nigerian who was defying all odds, who was breaking all man-made and seemingly natural laws. They wanted me!

Wow! That’s a new one.

She tapped me, offering a glass of Champagne. She was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen, but I hardly remembered her name. After all she was just my liege for the event. I collected the drink and nodded my thanks.

Chateau de la Roverre, 1931…Perfect. I smiled at her again.

Money, Fame, Respect, Love, Beautiful Women, Classic Wine.

What more can one ask for?

Who said life isn’t a bed of roses…?

The Limo stopped and the door opened. The delightful screams that greeted my ears when I got out was music, beautiful music; perhaps only bested by the ones that got me here in the first place. I was almost deafened by the yells, and blinded by the flashing cameras. I posed for a couple photographs, signed a couple autographs, answered a couple questions- paparazzi style- then walked the red carpet to my reserved front-row seat.

First time in America, first time at the GRAMMYs, Front Row seat. Could life be any better?

The show progressed as planned- spectacular performances coming at the speed of sound. I lost the first award I was nominated for, but after the sixth one, I had two Statuettes in my kitty. When I was called upon to perform my hit song Dreams, the ovation was out of this world. I got on the stage, did a verse and then pulled a stunt that got the crowd reeling again. I invited Jay-Z and Alicia Keys to the stage to do the remix of Dreams. It was awesome.

Me. Jay-Z. Alicia Keys. One song. One stage.

Who said Life isn’t a bed of Roses…?

Then the big one. Album of the year.

“And the winner is…..” You guessed right; Me, myself and I.

The biggest award in world music was about to be mine. I who was from an almost insignificant  village in Abia State; I who walked the streets of Okokomaiko Lagos, hustling odd jobs just to meet ends; I…the number one artiste in world music.

Amidst hugs, cheers, back rubs and pats, I floated dazedly towards the stage. Then somebody touched me….more like tapped me continuously….till I woke up.

I woke up!

It was the damned conductor of the damned bus. We had arrived Rumuokoro and he wanted his damned money. If looks could kill, that conductor would have been six feet under. I paid him and got off the bus, clutching onto my Demo CD.

Who said life isn’t a bed of roses…?

Of course it is….and roses have thorns right…?